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New Year, New Resolutions?

Every year, we get a lot of emails (and leaflets!) urging us to pursue lofty new goals in the new year. New year, new life, new skinny body and so on… It is true that a new year brings with … Continue reading

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It is GRATITUDE Time – Today and Every Day!

It is Thanksgiving today in the US, when families and friends gather to enjoy a (hopefully healthy) meal and reflect on how grateful they are for everything they have. A good tradition indeed! However, it is important to practice gratitude … Continue reading

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Roundup Weedkiller Linked To Global Epidemic of Fatal Kidney Disease

Photo credit: Ed Kashi for La Isla Foundation/VII The mystery of what is causing thousands to die each year from a fatal kidney disease may now be solved, with evidence pointing to the world’s most heavily used herbicide Roundup (glyphosate) … Continue reading

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One Apple a Day… BUT: Pesticide-Free + With Peel

It is October and apples abound everywhere. They are crispy and tangy, lovely stuff, particularly when fresh (like now) and from your own (or a friend’s) garden and when free from pesticides. Need some more reasons to consume apples? Apples … Continue reading

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Caffeine – is it good for us?

Caffeine and Insulin * Caffeine affects insulin sensitivity, which may protect you from developing Type 2 diabetes, * However, if you already have diabetes, caffeine can cause a rise in blood glucose Caffeine in Non-Diabetics A 2011 cross-sectional study published … Continue reading

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Aluminium + Glyphosate (Roundup)? Anxiety, depression, autism, coeliac disease

How aluminum and glyphosate (Roundup) collaborate to cause anxiety, depression, autism and celiac disease Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory MIT Dr. Stephanie Seneff – Toxic effects of glyphosate – YouTube ▶ 16:19 – … Continue reading

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HPV vaccine – Good News?

Don’t we need protection against the HPV virus? The HPV virus has NOT yet been proven to cause cervical cancer Only “remnants” (“fossils”) of the HPV virus have been found in women with cervical cancer. This is at most an … Continue reading

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Arthritis Due to Aging or “Wear and Tear”? Think Again!

Ever been to the doctor with some kind of joint pain just to be told that it is “just wear and tear” (*shrug*)? I would probably be a millionaire if I had a tenner for each person that told me … Continue reading

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Why is staying active this summer vitally important?

By guest editor: Keisha Coggins Keeping the body moving is vital through all seasons, however summer tends to be the time where we relax the most. Despite knowing the benefits of rest during this period, to keep off the aches … Continue reading

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Merck Admits… Shingles Vaccine Can Cause Eye Damage AND Shingles

Merck Pharmaceutical’s shingles vaccine “Zostavax” was introduced in 2006 It was soon recognised that the vaccine could cause chickenpox. A study showed that, within ten minutes of being vaccinated with the shingles vaccine, Zostavax, 50% of those who had taken … Continue reading

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