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5 Nutrition Tips & Tricks to Stay Slim this Holiday Season

5 Nutrition Tricks to Stay Slim and Trim During the Holiday Season How to stay healthy and on track during the holidays? Here are 5 of the best Nutrition strategies to stay slim and trim this holiday season. 1. Make your … Continue reading

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GRATITUDE – December 2014

GRATITUDE – December 2014 Dec  1st –  I am grateful I found my blog again! Dec 2nd – I am grateful for the many health uses of bicarbonate of soda Dec 3rd – I am grateful I managed to find … Continue reading

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Don’t Accept a Failure Prescription

What do I mean by a “Failure Prescription”? Basically, it is when someone receives a diagnosis and because of that, they give up all hope, all efforts to stay healthy and fit. It is as if that diagnosis was a … Continue reading

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EFT and Tapping For Beginners – Kindle ebook sale

EFT and Tapping for Beginners: The Essential EFT Manual to Start Relieving Stress, Losing Weight, and Healing [Kindle Edition] There are simple, effective, noninvasive, and drug-free way to use your body’s own healing mechanisms to overcome physical and emotional pain. … Continue reading

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Holistic Fitness

I have always seen Pilates Fitness as offering “Holistic Fitness”, meaning fitness, but fitness that is linked to a fully holistic understanding of how mind and body work (together). For me, Pilates practice was the first step towards realising this … Continue reading

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