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Pilates Fitness is Holistic Fitness

Holistic Fitness I see Pilates Fitness as offering “Holistic Fitness”, meaning fitness, but fitness that is inextricably linked to a fully holistic view of how mind and body work. For me, practising Pilates has been the first step towards realising … Continue reading

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Probiotics to Reduce Hypertension

Probiotics to Reduce Hypertension A new study in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension suggests that probiotics (“good” bacteria) may also reduce blood pressure. Probiotics are well known to benefit gut health, the immune system, and possibly even brain health. … Continue reading

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Drink WATER to Lower Cholesterol, Fight Diabetes, for More Energy and Better Health

DRINK MORE WATER? You may have received the advice to drink more water “for health reasons” or “to suppress hunger” and even “to lose weight”. But if you found the advice not very compelling, you are not the only one. … Continue reading

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GRATITUDE – July 2015

July 1 – I am grateful for today’s lovely outdoor tai chi + berries with cream event July 2 – I am grateful for the “grounding” during “barefoot tai chi” in the garden July 3 – I am grateful for … Continue reading

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