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Why sufficient vitamin B12 is ESSENTIAL for women

B-12 deficiency is shockingly widespread. Studies now show that up to 40% of the population may be deficient in vitamin B12. Symptoms include: * Chest pain or shortness of breath * Fatigue or unexplained weakness * Dizziness, trouble with balance, … Continue reading

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Tai Chi and its Health Benefits

TAI CHI Tai chi is  “movement meditation”, so if you cannot sit or lie down long enough to meditate, consider tai chi instead. Research has confirmed [1] many similarities between meditation and Tai chi. In a study [2], elderly Chinese … Continue reading

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Vitamin B12 Supplementation

How to choose the right vitamin B12 supplement for you Other posts (like this one) have discussed why it is essential to have sufficient levels of vitamin B12, particularly for women. It is often said that B vitamins work better, … Continue reading

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Exercise and Menopause

  Exercise is good for you, regardless of your age. There have also been many reports over the last few years of exercise reducing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue and irritability [1, 2]. But a new study [3] … Continue reading

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GRATITUDE – October 2015

GRATITUDE – October 2015 Oct 01 – I am grateful for the sun popping out from behind the clouds for another sunny Indian summer day Oct 02 – I am grateful for a dry Friday morning Oct 03 – I … Continue reading

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