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March 2016 Gratitude

March 1 – I am grateful I managed to find a temporary parking space, three blocks away, when I got home at night March 2 – I am grateful the rain stopped just as I was about to get out … Continue reading

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Sunbathing Good for Longevity

Avoiding the sun could be as dangerous as smoking… Although they have an increased risk of skin cancer, sunbathers are less likely to die from heart disease, or pretty much any other disease. In fact, avoiding the sun could be … Continue reading

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Reverse DIABETES for life

It IS possible to reverse diabetes: this works even for people who have had diabetes for 10 years before changing their diets, say researchers from Newcastle University. Lead researcher Roy Taylor [1] of Newcastle University showed in an earlier study … Continue reading

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Sleep On It – The Importance of Sleep for Your Brain

Want to know why we all need to SLEEP ON IT? During sleep, the brain “replays” events to consolidate memory. Researchers at the University of Bristol tell us that during sleep our brains replay daytime events at fast-forward speed. This … Continue reading

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Migraines worsen as women approach menopause Women in perimenopause, menopause have more migraines than premenopausal women, study finds It is well-known that women experience more migraines than men at all ages. Triggers include stress, flashing lights and some foods (such … Continue reading

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Viruses cause Alzheimer’s Disease?

Viral infections such as cold sores and pneumonia could be the unsuspected cause of Alzheimer’s and dementia, a leading group of experts is claiming. Dormant viruses and microbes are found in the brains of most elderly people, but they can … Continue reading

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Animal tests fail to detect drug’s deadly dangers

March 9th 2016 Opponents of animal testing were vindicated this week by the news that tests on laboratory rats, mice, dogs and monkeys all failed to detect the dangers of a new drug that killed one volunteer in an early-stage … Continue reading

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“Love Pilates”+”Pilates with HEART” -> PilHeartEase Clothing

Pil*Heart*Ease BLACK Tops: Pil*Heart*Ease PINK Top   PilHeartEase LIGHT BLUE (tops and bottoms): Follow any of these links and explore the colours and styles available. Hope you find something suitable for you. Enjoy!

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