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Why is staying active this summer vitally important?

By guest editor: Keisha Coggins Keeping the body moving is vital through all seasons, however summer tends to be the time where we relax the most. Despite knowing the benefits of rest during this period, to keep off the aches … Continue reading

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Merck Admits… Shingles Vaccine Can Cause Eye Damage AND Shingles

Merck Pharmaceutical’s shingles vaccine “Zostavax” was introduced in 2006 It was soon recognised that the vaccine could cause chickenpox. A study showed that, within ten minutes of being vaccinated with the shingles vaccine, Zostavax, 50% of those who had taken … Continue reading

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Surgery – the Answer to Your Back Problems?

Fed up with back pain? Surgery seems such a convenient answer to our prayers. But is it? Could surgery be the solution to your back pain worries, particularly that pesky lower back pain? [There are probably some acute cases where … Continue reading

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