GRATITUDE – February 2016

Feb 1 – I am grateful my impromptu sprouted lentil stir-fry turned out really tasty


Feb 2 – I am grateful I remembered to “re-park” my car after midnight

Feb 3 – I am grateful for today’s avocado sale


Feb 4 – I am grateful the incubation period of Zika (>1,500 cases in Yucatan by mid-Jan) is just 6.5 days

Feb 5 – I am grateful for a dry morning today

Feb 6 – I am grateful for being blessed with clients who are pleasant, thoughtful, well-rounded, lovely people

Feb 7 – I am grateful for echinacea


Feb 8 – I am grateful for garlic


Feb 9 – I am grateful I got home earlier than usual this Tuesday

Feb 10 – I am grateful for elderberries

elderberries - small

Feb 11 – I am grateful for a lovely sunny day today

Feb 12 – I am grateful my sprouted lentils made my salad really lovely-crunchy today


Feb 13 – I am grateful for the weekend

Feb 14 – I am grateful for a sunny Sunday

Feb 15 – I am grateful for a lovely walk in the sunshine today

Feb 16 – I am grateful for our corner shop carrying matches – so we were able to have a hot dinner

Feb 17 – I am grateful for ‪#‎family‬ -friendly ‪#‎Pilates‬ classes like today’s,
with participants aged 4 to 74!

Feb 18 – I am grateful for being able to avoid gmail (and its awkward signup and sign in procedures) most of the time

Feb 19 – I am grateful for getting home in time to catch the postman before he left with my parcels!

Feb 20 – I am grateful for a lovely, bright and sunny morning that made me jump out of my bed today

Feb 21 – I am grateful for a lovely night’s sleep + lovely stretching practice today


Feb 22 – I am grateful for my tasty lunchtime salad

Feb 23 – I am grateful my body thinks I am 20 (‪#‎WisdomTooth‬ !)


Feb 24 – I am grateful I survived today’s spin (on a tough bike with extra brake)

Feb 25 – I am grateful for remembering some very needed information.
Thank you, brain!


Feb 26 – I am grateful for finding some stuff I thought I had lost

Feb 27 – I am grateful that today’s Pilates presentation-session went well


Feb 28 – I am grateful a lovely lady came back for another massage after some time

Feb 29 – I am grateful a lovely lady came back for another massage after some time

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