HPV vaccine – Good News?


Don’t we need protection against the HPV virus?

The HPV virus has NOT yet been proven to cause cervical cancer

  • Only “remnants” (“fossils”) of the HPV virus have been found in women with cervical cancer. This is at most an association, and does not prove causation.
  • Some scientists point out that humanity has successfully dealt with genital warts for thousands of years simply thanks to the immune system.

The HPV vaccine has not been proven to reduce cervical cancer incidence

The HPV vaccine has already given rise to extremely serious side effects (including deaths and paralysis) worldwide

  • So much so that some countries (like Japan) have halted their vaccination programme

In short:

why are the “powers that be” forcing this dangerous vaccine on unsuspecting young women when its need has NOT been clearly established and when the safety of this vaccine is so strongly in doubt, given the high rate of very serious side effects?

Are we sacrificing young maidens for “the greater good”? Find out more here:


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