First, eat a GOOD diet! No junk food, lots of WHOLEFOODS… You simply cannot eat junk food all the time, then take a supplement and “fix everything”.

Start with a great diet with lots of unprocessed food: veggies, fruit, some nuts and seeds, some protein (meat, fish, dairy if tolerated) and a little GOOD fat.

Most of us still need to supplement because of many reasons (such as increased need, malabsorption, food intolerances).

What are the best supplements for good health?


Fish oils benefit everyone from children to the elderly, by reducing inflammation, supporting the brain and providing essential nutrients. In particular, I like cod liver oil, because it contains actual vitamin A and D in balanced quantities as well as omega 3 fatty acids.

Who should take fish oil? I believe most people should eat (non-contaminated) fish or take fish oils. There is good evidence that autistic children and people with low mood benefit significantly from taking fish oils.

How to choose? Choose:

  • a fish oil that is high in DHA
  • high content of EPA
  • lowest possible amount of pollutants
  • ideally in liquid format. Most softgels contains oil that is already rancid before you receive it. For best benefits (and to reduce “repeating”, use liquid fish oils).
  • fermented fish oils are even more nutritious, but probably easier to take in capsule form (ideally mixed with butter oil, see below)
  • when travelling, softgels may however be the only option. So, have some on hand




1) HIGH QUALITY/AVERAGE PRICE (and good customer service):


Liquid Cod Liver Oil – deodorised and molecularly distilled with has added essential oils of lemon, so it tastes nice and a bit “lemony”. One bottle lasts 2 months! The whole family can take it!

Or choose softgels from the cod liver oil range


Omega 3 Fish Oils –  If you prefer to avoid cod liver oil, you can still get plenty of DHA (brain) and EPA (cardiovascular benefits) by taking omega 3 fish oils. The liquid form has the most DHA and EPA (and cheapest per serving). However, if you cannot stomach the lovely golden liquid with essential oil of lemon, you can always consider the softgels. Softels may be preferable for travel.


Various options of fermented fish oils (with or without high-vitamin butter oil). I like this one:

Green Pastures-ButterOil&FermentedCodLiverOil

Fermented Cod Liver Oil + High Vitamin Butter – 120 veggie caps

Many other options are available but this is the one I prefer (and easy to take).



Vegan & Vegetarian Omega 3s

Veggie Omega 3 - EPA - DHA

Veggie Omega 3

Other good alternatives:

*** Liquid OMEGA 3s (non-vegetarian)***
Omega 3 Fish Oils (non-vegetarian)


Low in iron?

Someone recently asked me for advice about iron supplementation, since her doctor found she was low in iron. Unfortunately, the type of iron doctors prescribes can be very tough on your stomach, so what are other options?

Of course, you could eat more meat, more liver, and have some vitamin C with it to increase absorption. However, what if you are vegetarian?

This is the best “blood builder” supplement I have come across so far. It is made from whole foods (e.g. also contains some vitamin C from oranges and red beet) and is very gentle on the stomach.

Iron Supplement – Natural and Gentle

This particular item also happens to be the best value around at the moment (most tablets for the lowest price). Get some if you need it!


NOTE: do not supplement if you don’t need it, though women in childbearing age often need this and this form is gentle and unlikely to lead to excess iron.

WARNING: Do NOT CHEW iron supplements if you want to keep your teeth white. Chewing iron supplements may lead to black teeth! (though your hygienist will happily deal with that)


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