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Vitamin B12 Supplementation

How to choose the right vitamin B12 supplement for you Other posts (like this one) have discussed why it is essential to have sufficient levels of vitamin B12, particularly for women. It is often said that B vitamins work better, … Continue reading

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Vitamin C supplementation associated with lower blood pressure

Meta-analysis concludes that supplementing with vitamin C is associated with lower blood pressure On April 4, 2012, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a review by researchers from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore which reports a reduction in systolic and … Continue reading

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First, eat a GOOD diet! No junk food, lots of WHOLEFOODS…¬†You simply cannot eat junk food all the time, then take a supplement and “fix everything”. Start with a great diet with lots of unprocessed food: veggies, fruit, some nuts … Continue reading

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