New Year, Same Belly?

Troubled By a Bloated or Unsightly Belly?
by Emanuela Moreale - Holistic Personal Trainer - Pilates Fitness
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Fed Up With Your Podgy Tummy?

Are you sick of hiding your belly under baggy tops?

Are you fed up of buying clothes a size too big so your stomach won't spill over the waistband?

Are you looking pregnant (but are not)?

You're not alone. The mid-section is a major, if not the major problem area, for men and women.



Approaches that do not work

People try all sort of things to solve this problem: extreme diets, hundreds of sit ups a day, hours of cardio...

The Truth is... most of these approaches are bound to fail.

How many hours and how much effort have you already wasted trying to deal with this issue?

How much frustration have you experienced?

Little-Known FACT

Sit Ups will NOT give you a FLAT Tummy


No, hundreds of sit ups are NOT the solution to a podgy tummy!

For some reason, people who want to flatten their tummies think they need to do lots of sit ups. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sit Ups may build muscle or even result in a more-protruding tummy.

Think about that for a moment. If you have a large midsection and you add muscle to it, it will look bigger. Moreover, if you do sit ups incorrectly (and, trust me, from experience at least 90% of people DO do them incorrectly), you are actually teaching your tummy to BULGE OUT!!!.

I am sure you can see how this would not help your cause



OK so... what to do?

But now your troubles are over...

Over the years, I have often been asked for advice on how to get a great midsection, flatten the pregnancy pouch or lose the love handles.

So, I have put together the perfect solution for you! If you want to find out what to do and how to fix this area, my solution is what you need!


You have tried before and failed, what is different this time?

Your problem ultimately stems from the following issues:

  • Not knowing what exactly the problem is
  • Not knowing what foods, exercises and lifestyle habits are most helpful for a flat tummy
  • Not knowing how to put a holistic program together to ensure you get a flat tummy soon!
  • Not having the support system to achieve and maintain your goal

I AM HERE TO HELP YOU address all of these issues so that this time you will be successful!


Who is Ready for a Flat, Sexy Tummy?

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My Solution: Sign up for my Exciting "Flatten Your Tummy" Program starting January 2015

I will help you overcome all the issues above and reach your flat tummy goal in an easy way.

You will also have the support of a few others through the private online group
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This PREMIUM Programme includes:

  • Short and clear explanation of the issues that lead to a bloated or unsightly tummy - value: PRICELESS
  • A weekly face-to-face session including tummy-flattening exercise and education - value: £180
  • A clear nutrition plan - value: £40
  • Lifestyle habits to reduce your waistline - value: PRICELESS
  • A SHORT daily workout to do at home, in the comfort of your home - value: £180
  • In-person and online support from your buddies - value: PRICELESS
  • My help! - PRICELESS
  • Accountability - one of the keys to success - PRICELESS
  • Pre and post-programme measurements - £45
You will achieve: a flatter tummy - PRICELESS

What is the investment? Normal price: £139. Sale Price: £99 (limited places)

If you are ready to have a flat and sexy tummy, Act now

When you follow my "Flatten Your Tummy Programme", you WILL achieve a flatter and happier tummy.




- You’ll never learn this from the mainstream media.

- And not knowing this information can keep your TUMMY BULGING FOREVER. You’ll be stuck doing the same things, which are dangerous and ineffective, or just stay in a "given up" mode as nothing has worked for you in the last five years and will NEVER work for you in the future.

So stop the insanity. Make your life easier and better by taking clever action now: Sign up here

flat tummy I don’t want you to feel stuck. I don’t want you to hate your body and feel ashamed about the way you look. I don’t want you to hear people talking about your belly behind your back.

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