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Want to get rid of pain fast?

Then Rossiter System "Workouts" are the way to go!
Rossiter System "Workouts" techniques use deep pressure on contracted muscles, while the client performs small muscle movements in the "locked" position to optimally STRETCH the connective tissue/fascia. Sessions are short, very intensive, focused on specific areas of pain in the body. These sessions are referred to as Rossiter Workouts. Clients remain clothed and generally on a floor mat. Truly Rossiter System Workouts last no more than 30 minutes, and you won't want more!

Other options: massage, clothed massage, indian head massage and sports massage.
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No drugs or painkillers. No injections. No awkward, ineffective splints. No risky surgeries.
Just hard, powerful stretching - with my assistance - and an active commitment by YOU to reclaim your body, find your pain and stretch it out for good.


What is "Rossiter" or the "Rossiter System"?

The Rossiter System is an assisted stretch-based technique that provides a powerful way to prevent and relieve pain, regain and build range of motion, and enhance performance.


What does a Rossiter session look like?

A Rossiter session is short, generally between 10 and 25 minutes. It could be likened to a kind of assisted "workout" in which the fully clothed person-in-charge (PIC) lies on a mat and goes through specific movements to help restore space in their connective tissue. At each stage, the PIC (you) is guided by the Coach (myself), who simultaneously provides weight to key areas with their foot and guides the PIC through selected stretching exercises.

Although short, the workout is intense. Rest assured that the PIC (you) is always in control of everything, including the amount of weight used by the Coach. After a session, and even after each stretch, the client generally feels immediate results in terms of loseness, less pain and better mobility.


How does the Rossiter System Work?

Pain, tightness, and limited movement in muscles and joints occur when the surrounding connective tissues shorten and tighten from being overworked. The Rossiter System returns lost space to the body: it allows lengthening and releasing tension in these connective tissues, which restores natural space in and around a joint, which results in freedom of movement and relief of pain.

Have you ever noticed how your mood is not optimal when you are in pain or your body simply feels tight/tense? By releasing tension in the connective tissue, you will probably feel better generally (mood included).


Benefits of Rossiter

The Rossiter System is an assisted stretch-based technique that has the following benefits:


Can Rossiter help with repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, constant shoulder tightness?

Absolutely! All repetitive stress injuries are directly linked to a loss of space in the body. Most people who experience problems like carpal tunnel syndrome or constant shoulder pain say they stop moving that part of the body because it hurts so much: it tingles at night, it feels numbs, it aches 24 hours a day. Every movement produces soreness or tightness. Why? The body has lost the space or range of motion necessary for healthy, pain-free tissue

In other words, a repetitive motion/repetitive stress injury means a specific area's connective tissue continues to shrink and shorten because of a lack of food, poor or restricted movement, or both. And if connective tissue in a specific spot is negatively affected, connective tissue elsewhere will suffer by virtue of its connection to the rest of the body. When people compensate for pain, it makes the entire pain situation even more complex because so many body parts, movements and habits are involved.

The Rossiter System lengthens connective tissue so that pain goes away and pain-free movement returns.


How many sessions will I need?

Each person is different, and so are their bodies and needs. Newer or simpler problems may see dramatic improvement with only one session per week until the body is back to normal. More complex or older injuries often take longer and may require two or more sessions per week for optimal, lasting results. However, let your body be the judge of that! You need to try to find out. There are no contracts or commitments; you can pay as you go with each session. You are in charge of your Rossiter program.


How effective is it?

Praise for the effectiveness of the technique has been proclaimed by individuals and businesses by reducing workers' compensation costs by 62%; clearing up a years long shoulder ache in just one session; and more. See


Why do you use your feet?

Using the foot allows the Coach to deliver weight instead of muscle force. This is the most effective and powerful method to change connective tissue.


Can I do Rossiter if I also get chiropractic/massage etc?

Yes, the Rossiter system compliments other bodywork very well. However, a new client should not begin other bodywork at the same time. Moreover, Rossiter is a separate modality so please book it separately from a massage.


Should I wait to be in pain to book a Rossiter session?

Absolutely not! While people often wait until they are in pain before they address a problem (or notice they have a problem), the Rossiter System is the solution to keep your body loose and in balance so you can continue an active, healthy lifestyle. Many people use Rossiter regularly as a maintenance tool to stay limb and keep feeling good.


Where does the Rossiter System come from?

Richard Rossiter is a connective tissue specialist who created these powerful stretching techniques out of necessity for his own painful injuries and rehabilitation when other techniques failed. Wartime injuries suffered as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam produced shoulders that were so painful he could barely move his arm.
He first discovered "Rolfing", a form of bodywork that focuses on lengthening and restoring the body's connective tissue. Once he discovered the benefits of Rolfing in relieving his own pain, Richard applied to the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO. He graduated from the institute, eventually becoming a certified advanced Rolfer in 1987.
Richard Rossiter began looking for a way to help people in pain BEFORE their symptoms got the best of them. As a result, he created The Rossiter System, a highly evolved series of stretches that allow his principles and pain-relief approaches to be used in the workplace by trained employees and supportive managers. In 1990, he formed Rossiter & Associates Inc.
Emanuela trained with Richard Rossiter himself and got her certification in September 2010.


Are there any contraindications?

The Rossiter System is not appropriate for the following conditions:

In addition, the following conditions may limit effectiveness and/or require physician approval:


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Emanuela IIHHT FHT MICHT MHFST is a fully qualified therapist and Coach offering:

Other options: massage, clothed massage, indian head massage and sports massage.
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For Pilates instruction, please see Pilates page

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