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Julie, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK - June 2017

Julie (Hinckley) about my Tai Chi class - 06 June 2017 from Pilates Fitness on Vimeo.


Julie (Hinckley), Tai Chi for Autoimmune and Lung Disorders, June 2017 from Pilates Fitness on Vimeo.

My name is Julie Taylor and
I have been doing Tai Chi with Emanuela for 4-5 years now.
I have an autoimmune disease and interstitial lung disease and
my breathing tests have got a lot better of late.
They were very surprised to find that
my lungs function better than they thought
Thank you.

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Sajeda, Leicester (July 2017) after her first class:

I found the [first] Pilates session very good and
my back is already feeling a lot better

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June, Leicester - 31 May 2017

June (Leicester), Back Pain, Flexibility & Energy, 31-May-2017 from Pilates Fitness on Vimeo.

My name is June and I have had one of Emanuela's amazing massages.
I have suffered with my back for a long, long time and
after the session I felt so much more relaxed and
able to do things I have never been able to do in a long, long time...
mainly being able to put my shoes on. Bending down and putting my shoes on was amazing!

I certainly recommend this:
* technique is wonderful
* experience is wonderful
* knowledge is wonderful

I have a lot more energy, much more energy,
because my back was not hurting me anymore,
so I could carry on gardening... inevitably.

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Keisha, Leicester - June 2016

Taking part in Emanuela's Pilates sessions has been great!
I leave feeling relaxed, well stretched and challenged.
What I enjoy most is the great level of expertise and knowledge Emanuela brings to her role.
Not only does she do her job well but ultimately cares about us performing correct body postures during the class.
These Pilates sessions are great fun and have been an added joy to my schedule!

Feedback From Keisha, Leicester

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Gary, Hinckley - February 2016

My physio refererred me to Pilates for my sciatica and lower back stiffness.
Since starting Pilates with Emanuela just a few months ago,
my back has been feeling much better, more flexible.
And the really painful sciatica I used to get seems to have disappeared!

Feedback From Gary, Hinckley

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Gina, Leicester (now Cornwall) - November 2015

Gina, Leicester

Feedback Note From Gina

Tags: Pilates, Leicester, back-pain, healthy-aging


Jane, Hinckley - end of September 2015

Jane Hinckley Pilates Jane Hinckley Pilates

I credit doing Pilates with Emanuela for keeping me free
of those little aches and pains
that all our friends my age keep complaining about!


Jane Hinckley Pilates

Tags: Pilates, Hinckley, back-pain, healthy-aging


Liz - 21st January 2015

I did Pilates for a while [before I met you]
but now I realise after being with you for an hour that
the instruction [I had before] really wasn't up to much.
So thanks for your help today, I enjoyed it."

Tags: Pilates, Leicester, initial impressions


Mark Bell - 3rd January 2015

Mark Bell

Thank you for all the great classes over the years - I will be lucky to find such a great teacher over here!

This is my testimonial for your website:

"Emanuela was a wonderful teacher over the several years
when I followed her pilates class.

She pays close attention to the needs of everyone,
whether a complete beginner
or someone who has been practicing pilates for years.

She is creative in her personal approach
to designing interesting and challenging classes,
and very motivated to support everyone in making progress.

Her good humour and strong personality meant that
the classes were fun as well as very beneficial for my health.

I've been doing pilates for 8 years with various teachers,
but I can honestly say that Emanuela was definitely the best!"

Mark Bell - (who has just moved to Ireland)

Tags: Pilates, Leicester


Victor Alexander - 18 Nov 2013

Victor working out - vitality circuit

I wanted to prevent living a sedentary lifestyle...
have been attending Pilates classes under instruction of Emanuela for more than 3 years, and hope to continue.

I often think what condition would I be in if not taking up Pilates with Emanuela?
- Improved mobility
- Mental and physical agility

I have every confidence in the ability and knowledge of Emanuela

If you wish to maintain or improve your mobility,
do not hesitate to start a program with Emanuela.

Victor Alexander


Victor plays tennis
Victor's shoulder mobility has improved considerably, which is great news for his tennis!


Victor's improved shoulder mobility

Emanuela's note:

  • Victor's mobility has definitely improved. The pictures illustrate how restricted his shoulder mobility was when he joined us and where he is at now!

  • He has also made huge improvements on the speed ladder (which requires skill and coordination)

  • He definitely beats hands down some of the 20-something guys I play futsal (indoor football) with.

  • Victor has attended Friday circuits regularly since we started in 2011 and has learned how to perform many traditional resistance exercises, thereby maintaining his muscle mass and increasing his strength

  • Victor has good reflexes and a remarkably powerful footie kick that I cannot take credit for

  • Victor is the current front plank holder among all of Pilates Fitness clients!


Victor setting front plank record
Victor setting his front plank record of 1m 50s during a Pilates class last year
He could have probably kept going but everyone else had long given up...
When we asked him how he managed that, his funny, self-deprecating reply was:
"I think I just got stuck in the plank"

Tags: tennis, mobility, flexibility, Pilates, Leicester, healthy-aging



Jim Oswald wrote in May 2013:

I have now being going to Emanuela's Pilates class for over four years and wouldn't miss it for the world.

Originally, I went with my wife to keep her company, but now I think I am keener than her.

The benefits are very slow and gradual and you have to be patient; personally I think you have to try for at least 8 weeks to judge if it is for you.

I see many people who try for a week or two and give up. If you do persevere, I think you will find your posture, strength, flexibility and confidence improve.

I suffered from bad back pains in my thirties, but no more, and the best bit is that my golf swing is now smoother, easier and more flexible than for many a year.

In fact, each year the club's captain organises a weekend away for the members to go on. This year, I came second on the second day and won on the final day which is the ultimate day. Certainly Pilates helped with this, as my flexibility is now much better.

I highly recommend Emanuela, who knows much more than you first appreciate.

Jim Oswald

Jim after his Early May Bank Holiday golf win.
   Congratulations Jim!
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Hushneara Miah wrote in May 2013:

Even after one Pilates class with Emanuela, I can confidently say I have benefited highly, more than the full year I completed of Physiotherapy.

With two prolapsed disc in the spine, I have been seeking a way to improve my health and fitness.

Since starting with Emanuela, I have decided to continue on a regular basis as I am already seeing the benefits."

Hushneara Miah
PhD Student

Tags: back-pain, Pilates, Leicester



Julie Mills wrote on 6 Feb 2006:

[My physio] was the one who recommended i do pilates; she was very keen, and gave me your flier (...) and I continued coming [to your classes] (...).

Pilates saved my back as well as my sanity. Having Sciatica wasn't funny and I was in terrible pain. Using pilates significantly repaired my strength and indeed I'd say that it made me even stronger. I swear by it, and wish that you were here in sheffield, because the teachers aren't half as good.

When I first began pilates I had numbness in my lower left leg and foot.
My flexibility was very limited and I certainly could not do the 'rolling like a ball'.
Within a matter of weeks, through walking and doing my pilates breathing and posture,
the numbness had cleared and my flexibility dramatically improved.

Prior to the sciatica, I was an avid cyclist but could not ride my cycle as the position was too painful. Last summer, I completed a 210 cycle ride through Wales, which I'm certain I could not have done without Pilates. I would recommend it to anyone... need i go on?!!!!

Julie Mills

Tags: back-pain, sciatica, Pilates, Leicester



Rachel Tallent wrote on 17 April 2008:

I just wanted to let you know that I have moved away from Leicester now so wont be coming to the Thursday night classes anymore. I was hoping to come to a last session to let you know myself, but unfortunately couldnt make it. Many thanks for your excellent teaching - I have really enjoyed your classes, and if I move back to Leicester again I'll definitely look you up!

Thanks again.

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Lisa R wrote on 6 April 2006:

After having back surgery for a herniated disc and a few years of on and off physiotherapy I was suffering from constant back pain every day. This affected my confidence to exercise and perform tasks and activities.

Contacting Emanuela at Pilates Fitness was the best choice I have every made. I was given a personalised programme of exercises and stretches on a one to one basis.

After approximately a year and a half my posture has improved, I have a much stronger core area which supports my back and I am more flexible. I was also given a series of emergency exercises/stretches for back pain, which I have never needed to use.

I am now pain free and am able to do everything I could before the surgery. In fact I am now fitter than I was before the surgery.

I have also received information and advice about diet and nutrition and stress management including massage and Indian head massage.

I am able to do the exercises and stretches at home by myself and my confidence has returned.

Lisa R.

Tags: back-pain, Pilates, Leicester



Beverly wrote in August 2009:

I quickly realised, even though I had done Pilates for some time, that I had not been doing it quite right. With Emanuela's careful instruction and guidance, it made all the difference between just doing an exercise and doing it effectively.

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Jim Oswald (cyclist and golf player who attends my Hinckley classes) wrote on 28 October 2008:

I think if you go to Pilates you will never get a a bad back again, and that is why I go. I have had back pain like you will not believe and it has bothered me for 20 years. I have been going 6 months now and two weeks ago something clicked in my back and things started to move that have not moved for years. My left leg points differently and walks differently; I can wake up in the morning without any back aches. When you first go, you find the exercises a bit girly but later you realise you were just doing it wrong. Now I can hold a level 2 plank for 60 seconds which is not bad for an old guy.

For the money it is a bargain.

Jim Oswald

Tags: back-pain, Pilates, Hinckley



Anisha wrote on 8 March 2010:

My first Pilates class left me very relaxed. The tension in my upper back has gone and that evening I felt very relaxed, slept like a log.


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Chris H. wrote in Nov 2007:

After 1/2 hr massage on my calf muscles, Emanuela relieved the pain and stiffness in my Achilles.

The following morning was the first time in months I had been able to walk down the stairs forwards!!!

Chris H.

Tags: Achilles, sports massage, Leicester



Neil wrote on 06 July 2009:

[The day after the massage] I felt great, there was no noticeable pain or stiffness anywhere and it's probably the best my back and hip have felt since the day I first injured it four years ago. There were no headaches, no bruising at all and I also had a great nights sleep i felt so relaxed.


Tags: back-pain, sports massage, Leicester



Dawn wrote on 13th November 2010:

Thank you so much Emanuela. I feel like my body is new again! Love,


Tags: sports massage, Leicester



L. said on 11st Feb 2012:

Emanuela, your massage was very powerful, just like acupuncture! I do qigong, so I am sensitive to the energy. After the massage, I went home and felt energised as if I had had acupuncture. I felt my meridians were open and my body was healing. Very impressive. Thank you! I will be back very soon for sure.


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On 23rd November 2010, Margaret said:

Thank you for the work you did for my tight arms last night - they feel much better today


Tags: Rossiter, Leicester



On 5th November 2010, Michelle wrote:

Your Rossiter treatment was amazing! I thought when you told me what it entailed that it would not be of much use, but when I stood up after the treatment, all my shoulder and back pain was gone! Well done!!

- Michelle

Tags: back-pain, Rossiter, Leicester



On 5th October 2010, Jo said:

It is a miracle! My knee pain is gone! It had been annoying me for a while and it only took you five minutes to remove it from my body. Simply unbelievable.


Tags: knee pain, Rossiter, Hinckley



More testimonials to follow ...